Shot this video with Bart and Geo from JK films.  I took them to a  local DIY spot somwhere in Burbank, CA.Shot this with my friend Doug Aka IAmskater.

Huge Shot out to my girl Aiko for getting me this gig. This was my first time working with All Deg Digital and hopefully not my last.


Shot this music video with an  up and coming artist named Jarren Benton. One of my friends I had met shooting take me out did the casting for this video and hooked me up with a principal role. It sucks that I had play  an Asian dude getting robbed.

Got a principal role to skate for this video. Some of the perks of being an Asian skaterboarder is that whenever they need an Asian dude who can skate they call on me.  Travie was a cool dude. He smoked a shit load of cigarettes tho. I have never seen someone  smoke so much in such a short period. This dude would smoke a whole pack during a 5 minute break. We had a pretty cool exchange about tattoos and that was about it.

My homie Enoc got me this gig shooting a video for Justin Bieber.  I honestly went in wholeheartedly with 0 biased opinions of him. At one point of the music video the director asked us to skate around him while he sang. I asked a girl next to me what were supposed to do cause I didn't hear what the director had said. Next thing you know I look over and see Justin do a pop lock and  than  out of nowhere he extends his index finger to my lips and than  proceeds to hush me to my lips.  The girl next to me goes ":omg, did you just get hushed by the biebs?" So now everytime I hear this song I can see him hushing me with his finger and i hate the song.