This was my first time I entered a stand up competition. I ended up winning 500 $ and an opening act for a headliner all weekend.

I took a community college class that offered stand up comedy courses. Ive failed at school my whole life. It was the first time I became a straight A student. On the day of my graduation We were supposed to do a set for friends and family. Comedy time was there and had a feature drop out. The Booker  asked my teacher if he had anyone that could do a strong 7 minute taped set. I went out there and did my 7 minutes. 4 months later I looked on you tube and it was at  20k views. This pretty much validated stand up comedy for me

Did this show  4 years ago it was the first annual koreatown comedy festival and I was honored to be a part of it. It has some of the most talent in the asian american community.  I feel that it was super overlooked. There was tons of talent on this day and I was just honored to be a part of it. Personally I hated my set A LOT but everyone else KILLED

This was one of my most memorable sets ever only cause the night before I had hooked up with my child hood crush and not many men get to slay their unicorns. Im not trying to be a douche but it was a major win in my life and I took that energy to the stage.

Hecklers are the worst but its very common in the comedy world. Best part of it is that you get to flex your comedy muscle