In 2002 I quit skateboarding got into a unhealthy relationship and gained over 100 pounds. I was living in hell and didnt know it. My diet conisted of beer, chips and spam. I slept all day and had no energy to do anything. I had become a cathartic slob with no enthusiasm for life other than to get wasted and eat horribly. One day I was walking through the mall and I saw my reflection through the mirror. My body had become so distorted that I thought I was looking at a trick mirror at a fair. From the day on I committed to make a change and it was one of the hardest climbs I ever faced cause you reach so many different plateuas when figuring your body out. I finally figured out the formula after trying different methods from crossfit, turbo kickboxing and cycling and finally I realized all it really took was lots of skateboarding and resistance training at the gym . I got my body back but upgraded like the scene in spider man when Peter Parker discovers hes buff. From that day on I have devoted an active lifestyle around  fitness and skateboarding accompanied with a good diet and I am in the best shape I have ever been minus the beer ;/

This was my first video part in 1998 basically it was a homie video with all my best friends. As you can tell by the pants size. this was definitely a 90s look. this was pre beanie skinny jean look. It was the first time I worked so hard for anything in my life . This was the first time I felt proud of anything I accomplished in my life up to that moment and it was something I DID for ME no one handed me a medal.. I remember my dad first seeing it and was like WAH you just like MICHELLE KWAN. I had to reply NO dad,  its not that kind of skating......

when I was 12 years old my mom signed me up for little league. I got on a team called the giants . We were the worst team in the league. My coach benched me the entire season. One day I came home crying. My mom asked me 'whats wrong jr? I told her what happened and that night we drove straight to my coaches house. My mom banged on the door. I don't think this guy knew what lied behind the door. It was like a chun li spinning under kick perfect victory. My mom went in on dude so hard not cause he didn't play me its cause she paid for me to play! next day my mom drove me to a skate shop and bought me my first skateboard and I never touched a baseball again. There's no team no coach, no screaming fans, no cheerleaders, no scholarships it was just a thing to get lost in and get better at you.This piece of wood gave me all the fundamentals to being a good person. It gave me friends, It gave me discipline, It gave me health, it gave me growth. it taught me everything school never could. which is simple... Living and having fun whats more to that.