This was a national Psa I did in 2009. A friend of my sister (thank you Juren) referred me to the audition.  I booked it through Tiffany persons casting company and next thing you know it became a viral campaign. It was on billboards, bus benches, pay phones, internet spots and magazines.  It was such a surreal experience to have your ex girlfriend text you that you showed her up in her cosmo magazine. It was a major triump in my life.

This past march, 2017 I was recently featured on a prank show on Tru tv called  Fameless hosted by David Spade. I was supposed to be a game show contestant who was supposed to race the worlds smartest gorilla at a video game.  Somehow I got dooped into believing the gorilla got mad at me for winning and retaliated by Car Jacking my moms mini cooper. After the cameras came rushing out while I was on the ground begging this 350 pound silver back gorilla nearly in tears to step out of the car cause a. the car had no insurace and b. my license was suspended all which led to an even more dramatic and real experience. People hit me up asking if its fake and  honestly No it was not. It was 100 percent real and ill put that on my moms mini cooper. You can watch this episode On TRU tv Fameless. It is available for download on itunes 2.99  season 2 Episode 21 "gorilla warfare"

This was my first tv spot ever! I had a 10 second reaction, It was the first time I ever got bumped. I originally got casted as an extra but the director liked my look so he actually upgraded my role.. I was already a fan of John Cho because of  repeatedly being called his doppleganger in high school so i kinda fanned out a little. its not everyday you get to act with harold and kumar. At one point I got paired up with stunt doubles and was handed a fake gun. Our scene was us running through the rain while having our guns drawn as we ran towards Jon cho and Joseph Fiennes ( yes the english patients brother) I started screaming. All of a sudden the director yelled "cut" and goes "were not paying you to talk" I felt like an asshole

Another billboard sighting my friend sent to me on the way home while driving down some random street in Sf. it was pretty surreal to have your friend text you on a billboard to you. I felt like Paul Rudd in the movie " I love you man" minus the wacky outfit and just to clarify the man in the picture is not my actual dad but ironically I got hired for  a Jr role which reminded me of my dad. The ad theme was senior and Junior.  If that is not the universe calling than I don't know what is.

A lot of people dont know this but I was the host of a TV show on mnet which is basically the korean version of MTV in korea. I was hired to host a show called short notice where 10 independent Asian American directors competed in a viewers choice competition on who could make the best short film. The winner ended up being Vincent Lin and Randall park Who went on to being a successful lead in the movie interview which cause a stir of controversy and never made into theatries as KIM JONG IL co starring  James Franco and Seth Rogan. Ironically this was the only time my mom ever ordered cable and cancelled it the minute the show was over.

My sister sent me this picture of a billboard I was in on her street in the mission district in San Francisco CA. This was a defining moment in my life because A. im on a billboard. and B. im on a billboard.

one day I was browsing the web and all of a sudden this ad popped up. At first I was like " holy shit, that's me" I always wondered what those random people on bus benches or posing for magazine advertisements were like in real life and I can say from first hand experience that's its not much different except its cool to see you server your own ad.

I booked this sprite ad in 2009 I started taking acting classes at community college and a fellow peer recommended I take head shots and join LA casting. My first audition was for a  principal skateboarder. I remember rolling up to the set and  I saw one guy wearing raver pants and a beanie with a chronic leaf on top. It was almost as if these people were acting to skateboard. Ironically the directed yelled action and I was the only one skating.  I booked this on the same day 2 hours later. It was the funniest easiest and mind blowing job there was.All I had to do was jump of a diving board for 2 hours while pretending to hold a sprite bottle. Eventually it sold to the Chinese market and  I made 10 k The best part of this whole thing was that they put this billboars all over china and my entire family on my moms side saw it so I got major street cred. 

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This was my first video game promo. It was a game called sleeping dogs that was released a few years ago, This audition was hilarious cause I had to improvise a character as an Asian gangster, it was so convincing that the building next door called security on us. Booked the job. super rad and fun experience.